Project catchup!

I decided that the cardboard yarn winder needed to go up my priority list this week. However, I quickly discovered that letting the prepared pieces sit around so long meant I’d forgotten which pieces went where and why. This led to cutting and cobbling to make up for when some pieces got stacked (and glued, thoroughly!) in the wrong order. Despite all that, I got the behemoth mostly assembled with the necessary clearance for my LEFT HAND.

Jim, it’s a yarn winder, not an antenna!
That outcropping of flowers and rock is a counterweight. The flowers were critical.

And up until this stage, my mom was insisting it was a train….

The remaining parts require some sturdier rods for the parts to turn on (I’m giving YOU that dirty look, Slurpee straw), a yarn guide, and a more robust power delivery system. The pink yarn I used in the initial testing just didn’t cut it against the heft of carriage assembly. It’ll either need a belt with more grabbiness or some gears. I’m also noticing the back side of the carriage could be a bit too high and need a trim. Ah well, things to work out later. I’m just a bit tempted to work up a nostepinne and wind some balls by hand, though.

I also seamed up the cast away thrift cabling into a cowl:


Though my seaming could use some work to come out straight…

Crooked seam, but the pattern does technically still line up…

It’s still wearable, though I wish there was more of the lovely olive yarn to work some cover-up leaves. I still wonder what the original maker had intended for it to be, though.

I also was working on a variant of the “Manigaiter” pattern I spotted free on Ravelry. It was a handy way to use up a lot of the random green yarns I got in my haul while making a gift that a certain friend of mine will find matches her equally random green sweater nicely (I hope).

Third row up is cabbage. Delicious cabbage.

It still needs the ends woven in. The very mental image of sticking some ornery yarn into a needle gets my eyes glazing over though. I’ve really got to tackle that before I get done with my giant Doctor Who scarf project…

Overall, it’s been nice getting some things off my mental real estate. But I’ve gained at least three in the meantime. The craft quests never end.


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