A good thrift store is the best coupon

Last week, I was shopping in one of my favorite thrift stores to distract from other issues. It’s a favorite because sometimes a packer in the back gives up a bit and packages some things together at a price that’s difficult to ignore.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got a new surplus of yarn in dire need of using and I really didn’t need another sack full of yarn. I was really going to resist, I promise.

I did find a bag of little glass ink jars, minus the ink, that I figured would do well for some bead storage. I wandered about the store with them while picking up and setting down a bunch of temping things, including bags of buttons and yarns. 

I crossed over to the back corner and saw two large bags of yarn. Neither looked like anything special,

Investigation is key
I’m a perfectly ordinary, messy bag of yarn, yup

but then I flipped one over and saw 

 I also found a whole bag of circulars at this store for a similar price

a nigh-full set of of Boye hooks. And some random knitting needles. It was $3.99 and I’d almost paid twice that to buy a set 50% off at JoAnn’s. Quite glad I never got round to getting them…

Opening the bag, I saw the “missing” J hook had been replaced with a Susan Bates hook, and there were some plastic hooks that took the D-K aluminum set out to N. There were also three sets of bamboo needles (size 13), a bamboo circular needle, Susan Bates needles (size 15), another unmatched 13 needle and a knitting loom pick.

I appreciate how much original packaging was left
This is a hint i need to do bulky weight knitting

I didn’t examine the yarn much except to politely put someone’s practice at cabling onto the bamboo circulars. It’s nice enough to combine with something or finish off into a cowl with an earthy Celtic vibe.

Okay, they went wonky in a couple places, but get away from my neck looking for that...
I felt too bad to unravel the struggle
I think I know have enough knitting needles and crochet hooks to last a lifetime, so I need to get to using up the yarns. Hope other people have their own secret thrift stores to find crafting supplies in though!


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