Taming beasts with a cardboard sword

The trouble with having tons of yarn is that it’s continually ending up in plastic bags as a garbled mess that slowly tangles over time and times schlepped about.

Now, the plastic does do a good job protecting the yarn from bugaboos, but the tangling is irritating on the smaller balls and tons of balls that do get used to all around when I crochet forever.

The solution? A yarn cake winder! The trouble was that one big enough to do what I wanted cost a bunch. I knew I was pretty clever about constructing things, and there’s lots of spare bits laying about the house. Surely between some old stuff no one was using and a pile of cardboard from a delivery, a yarn winder would surface.

Did they hold it in their right hand??
You should have seen how many AOL 1000 hour CDs I used to have...
The “bearings” for the turning parts
Did they hold it in their right hand??

Today has led to a lot of cutting off annoying circles, but hopefully assembly will be more fun, and use better still. The yarns will submit to me!


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