Cabbage: a yarn haul preview

I’ve spent some time snapping pics of my new yarns and wondering whether cataloging all the old ones wouldn’t also be on the to-do list. I have quite a lot of kooky, confused, and charismatic yarns, after all. Yes, especially my 5+ skeins of vintage navy wool that are falling apart.

I did want to begin somewhere, though, and was drawn back to a little ball of yarn (made more little by another project for another post). It was knobby and a deliciously leafy shade of green:

A different meaning to cabbage rolls
Don’t you want to eat it?

I love eating cabbage a bit more than I should. Colcannon, braised cabbage, eggrolls with shredded cabbage, coleslaw… it ends up in a lot of places. So seeing bulbs that look like heads of cabbage, even inedible, I get excited.

I saw a similar ball of yarn a few years ago on a trip to the Pacific Northwest, in a little yarn shop. There were all sorts of hanks and colors and materials that I don’t rightly recall. BUT. There was a skein sitting on a shelf toward the middle of the store, swirled politely in pale green and white and yellow. I would have bought it. Really wanted to buy it. But I honestly couldn’t think of what to do with the amount and the color.

Now I’ve got this bit, nearly the same but less yellow and less bulky. And the whole bag of yarn it came in cost perhaps a fifth of the of the original skein! Sure all the other bags added together with this came to something like $25, but…




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