I love making things out of crochet since it’s easy for me to build dimension without worrying too much about the number of stitches that will unravel. Plus it’s thicker than my normal knits anyway.

On a whim, I decided to use some scratchy white acrylic monstrosity of a yarn from a recent attack on a thrift store 50% off sale (reports on this later). 

This was better known as use up the ugly yarn on pure experimentation.

So starting with a magic ring, I made four double crochets. Next round eight, then sixteen, then thirty-two and so on until I had gotten from a narrow white cone to a sprawling whirl of a thing. Who knows the exact stitch count of the last row, but the misery of making hundreds of double crochets was intense.

Experiment made, I set it aside and forgot about it.

Then my sister came for a visit, spotted it immediately and proclaimed it “an adorable octopus.” I really didn’t see it, but her insisting didn’t end, and she lit up when I suggested adding a head…

The octopus sans face
Simple sphere has been mounted on the cone end

And she of course wanted a face afterwards…

The octopus at its worst
It has a bit of smarm, I think

So now the toy is hers and traveling elsewhere. I’d have changed a LOT if I meant it to be an “octopus” from the start, instead of a sadistic experiment in doubling functions, but to her it is gold.

I also managed to teach her a bit of crochet and pawn off a corner of the yarn stash on her, so that was a bonus as well.


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